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Your ONE STOP SHOP in Cotton Wiping Rags!

Shipping Wiping Rags:

Qualitities very well sorted and no mixing with synthetic weaves.

Without metal, no zippers etc.

Standard wiping rags have up to thirteen rags per kgs.

Packaging is in plastic bags of 10kgs and/or  polypropylene bags of 400kgs, 25kgs, 10kgs and boxes of 5,10kgs.

High Quality Wipes

Flat wipes wihtout seams and no lint, woven and knitted.

Size: 39 cm x 39 cm in dispencers of 5 or 10 kgs


  • 75% savings on volume, trnasport and sorage space.
  • Optimal use of surface thanks to its form
  • On TMA wipes the usage is more than 80% compared with 30% of standard wiping rags
  • Very High absorption capacity

Properties of cotton:
  • Very good absorption power
  • Strong and resisstant to Heat,Alkalis,Chlorine,Sunlight and Moths.
  • Biodegradable