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Water Activated Tape

Water Activate Tape is a specially formulated water activated fiberglas tape designed as a strong, permanent and economical repair
Works on vitrually every kind of pipe.

Can be used for: water lines, irrigation lines, pipe lines, sewer lines, drainage lines or any other type of fluid or gaseous transporting lines.

Permanent repairs can be made on almost any type of material and meets EPA requirements for drinking water systems.
It is an alternative to traditional methods such as cementing, soldering, welding, sleeving and replacement.

Works on wet, dry, clean, dirty or corroded pipes. Even under water!
The only limit is your imagination!


  • Very Easy to use
  • No Tools Needed
  • Economical Repair
  • Repairs within 30 mins. 21 0C
  • Works even under water
  • Safe repair (No Fire/Non-Spark)
  • Permanent repair
  • Works on almost all materials
  • Heat Resistance: -50 oC tot 647 0C
  • Line Pressure : 600 PSI/ 40KPA
  • Shelf life is unlimited when properly stored

Tested and Approved for use with Drinking Water, when used in accordance with instructions.