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Razor Wire for Anti Piracy

Barbed Tape Concertina wire  was developed to replace standard barbed wire, to deter, obstruct and protect.

Our wire consists of a steel strip reinforced with high tensile wire and spear – like barbs at close intervals. Heavy duty clips form a concertina configuration with diameters from 450 mm to 1.000 mm.

The coils can be attached to existing fences or used independently for Anti Piracy purposes.The system is used widely by the military, industry, marine, commerce, prisons, airports, refineries, etc.

Technical Marine Alliances provides for a wide variety of installation configurations, anyone of which may be selected to meet the degree of security required, according to the need at any particular site.


0,5 mm thick galvanized steel strip
2,5 mm diam. high tensile spring steel wire
Stainless BTC is available on request
Coloured BTC is available on request





razor wire rotterdam


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